At AEGEA, "health & wellness" is taken to a whole new level. Our mission is to transform and elevate the human spirit and our products were designed with that in mind. Whether you're considering yourself or others, AEGEA is committed to improving lives, offering a place for you to shop and work, a community that extends beyond the boundaries of the towns and cities worldwide.

AEGEA is the first and only social retailer to offer a forward-thinking holistic approach to life's journey. It's about more than just products; it's about meaningful life moments, relationships and experiences. AEGEA is an ecosystem filled with vibrant people as well as cutting-edge products, and an experienced corporate team with the ability to make dreams a reality. AEGEA provides income opportunities for our sales force of independent representatives and everyday entrepreneurs while bringing benefits to customers worldwide.

We are grateful to be able to share our products and philosophy with the world. AEGEA's breadth of products reflects a commitment to excellence and innovation from around the globe. Our portfolio is purposefully diverse with lifestyle essentials which are distributed through our social retail model, providing a variety of potential sources for earning income. Through our team of representatives, AEGEA is committed to bringing our customers new and unique products which will improve their lives.


A community like no other. A destination for everyone. AEGEA will be building an exciting international city of the arts and entertainment, grounded in our collective history and rich heritage, and dedicated to the art of fine living. AEGEA will bring together the best of civilization to deliver unparalleled life-enhancing experiences, all with a personalized approach. You can live in or just visit AEGEA's spectacular themed and immersive entertainment and cultural villages, each a destination unto itself!



Anticipated to be one of the largest development projects in the world,  AEGEA™ is a planned international city of entertainment and the arts in South Central Florida.  Branded "Entertainment Living™," AEGEA's spectacular waterfront settings, romantic architecture and endless entertainment options coalesce to create an unparalleled lifestyle destination.  AEGEA's next generation of theme parks, called "Entertainment Villages," will fascinate and enlighten, with unique attractions using the most advanced ride systems, technologies and effects, and are based on real-world, timeless concepts that appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.  AEGEA's European-style "Cultural Villages," with their authentic classical architecture, pedestrian streets and organic design, provide the immersive experience of international travel.  Each village will be a brand marketplace, featuring a broad range of international companies and products.

The legacy of AEGEA dates back thousands of years to an advanced seafaring people at the ancient trading crossroads of the world, where the best ideas, products and innovations were brought together.  Considered the birthplace of Western civilization, this peaceful society was known for its architecture and exceptional standard of living, and valued the arts and entertainment.  Sometimes referred to as "The Best of Civilization" or "The World's Museum," AEGEA safeguards the wonderful and diverse cultures of the world through the arts, culture and architecture.  As a living permanent world exposition, AEGEA will also become a leading center of innovation focused on communications, transportation, energy and agricultural technology.  AEGEA's vision statement is "to become the premier global destination that transforms and elevates the human spirit."

Just as the city of AEGEA will showcase the best of the world in one place, AEGEA online will be a source for unique products that can actually improve life, that can help to transform and elevate the human spirit.  AEGEA will continually seek meaningful innovations to improve lifestyle and healthy living.