Chairman Of The Board

"I thank God for freedom and the ability to work hard and make a positive contribution to the quality of life here in America. Family, friends, fun and Freedom, it's great to be alive!

A prolific humanitarian, social change architect and trusted supporter of national medical issues, John G Prosser ll is a health advocate providing individuals, and families with a voice in today's complex world of well-being and care.

John works with national, state and local healthcare providers, insurance companies, hospitals, health-related organizations and governments serving brain and spinal cord injured patients, typically catastrophic auto accident injury victims to resolve complex patient, medical and financial concerns.  Whether it's deciding the right course of legislation, resolving insurance uncertainties, understanding care options, and supporting victims, his expertise is directed to help no matter what the issue.

30 Years of Entrepreneurial Effort

An ex-Marine, John believes the time has come for all Americans to have access to lifetime healthcare. He is the Vice President and Partner in Health Partners Homecare, as well as Health Providers Choice, and the Grand Home of Marshall.  He has over 25 years of experience serving the needs of brain injured and spinal cord injured accident victims and their families. He is active in the Michigan Brain Injury Providers Council and on its Government Relations Committee for years. John serves on the Board of the Coalition Protecting Auto No-fault and also is the president of the NeuroTrauma Association, whose goal is to spread the Michigan no-fault model to every other state. In addition, John served as the National Chairman for the Pediatric Brain Injury Prevention Campaign of the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce Senate. He has also been on the NASHIA Public Policy Committee and the Julien Modica Association for Veterans Committee.

John is the Co-Author of the book, "ACCIDENT – Michigan's Insurance Model for America"  coming out in 2018.